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The Home Run Cooking Book is a great book to have in your kitchen. Use it as a gift for clients, family and friends. Give it away at wellness fairs or in classes.

The ultimate resource for any kitchen........

This is a case of 12 Home Run Cooking Books with FREE shipping. You get each book for just $10 which is almost 60% off the retail price. Resell them or give them away at fairs or contests or use them as a class text book.


Whether you’re a novice home cook or a seasoned professional, this book will give you all the tools you need to prepare hundreds of simple, healthful, and delicious meals. How did this book earn its name? Why, because each and every recipe is a home run!

  1. Each one is a crowd-tested hit.
  2. Every recipe is easy to make, even if you’ve never cooked before!
  3. The only ingredients required are usually inexpensive and easy to find.
  4. The meals are all healthful – just take a look at the nutrition analysis!

This book covers all four bases of home run cooking and will make healthful, tasty meals a snap!


Home Run Cooking is an engaging, accessible, and fun guide to healthful cooking. It starts with the absolute basics, walking readers through setting up and stocking their kitchens, learning proper knife skills, reviewing food safety and kitchen safety, and learning the proper approaches to cooking with heat. From there, the book moves up to helping readers successfully prepare actual recipes themselves. It divides these lessons into approachable, easy-to-understand chapters that are illustrated with fun drawings and charts, and there’s tons of guidance and quick tips thrown in along the way.

The recipes that allow the readers to apply their newfound skills are organized into 7 categories:

  1. breakfast,
  2. soups and sauces,
  3. appetizers and snacks,
  4. salads,
  5. side dishes,
  6. entrees,
  7. and desserts.

Get Culinary Art Instruction!

This book is written by an award-winning professional chef with years of experience in professional and home kitchens. She has been successfully developing recipes for decades and knows just what tips will take a dish from good to great. Home Run Cooking is full of photos of the foods that go along with each recipe and there are tons of tips for presentation, substitutions, and added nutrition.

You can rest assured that these recipes have been made over and over and that they work every time. You will definitely want to make them all the time.

Get Nutrition Tips!

This book is full of information about healthful food preparation and eating, and each recipe is nutrient-dense. Review the chapter guides to learn to cook in a healthful manner for each family member. Each recipe is also trans fat free, while most are also low in both saturated fat and sodium. They are all good sources of fiber, too. There are even tons of fun nutrition tips scattered throughout the book, all of which are based on the latest peer-reviewed research and scientific studies.

Put Healthful Meals on the Table Quickly and Easily

You will want to refer to this book over and over for great dinner ideas.

Shipped Cookbook

You will receive a case of 12 printed copy of Home Run Cooking book (225 pages).


  • Over 150 creative, delicious recipes
  • Discussion of reasons to cook at home
  • Tips and tricks for kitchen organization
  • Kitchen equipment guide
  • Ingredient guide: buying, storing, using
  • Kitchen safety and food safety
  • Knife skill development
  • Moist heat cooking guide (steaming, boiling, simmering, poaching, braising)
  • Dry heat cooking guide (baking, oven frying, roasting, sautéing, searing, broiling, and grilling)
  • Recipe guide
  • Sample menus
  • Presentation tips

ISBN: ‎978-0-9829486-0-6

8" X 10"

225 pages, paperback, black and white


"I loved your home cooking approach. You have great beginner tips and the entire tone of the book sounds like you're actually talking to the reader and trying to be helpful and encouraging. I liked that you intentionally covered a range of cooking techniques. I also really liked how you covered the gamut from planning through cooking and also the importance of serving beautiful food.  Your tips and ideas were easy to follow." -Linda L. Rankin, PhD, RD, LD, FADA, Professor and Associate Dean, Idaho State University, Division of Health Sciences


"Ordering was quick and easy, and the cookbooks are great. We have used them before for prize giveaways, nutrition promotions, etc and always get great feedback on them."
--Alyce Logsdon, RD, LD