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 Here is what our customers have written after their actual purchase. They did not receive any financial compensation for these comments and all remarks are pasted from their emails with their permission. Slight spelling or grammar errors may be corrected but quotes are actual:

"Thank you so much for sending our new posters, they came in perfect condition. I appreciate your great customer service." Angela Taylor, RD, LD, CNSC, Saint Lukes Hospital

"Thank you so much for going the extra mile to make the veggie balloons get here right on time. The party we used them for was an absolute hit! They looked fabulous! I just wanted to say thanks to you and your whole crew and your whole team for really going out of your way to make sure we had all the balloons we needed on time and in beautiful condition, thank you so much!" Kindest regards, Yvette G, California :-)

"We’re glad that you had the exact item that we wanted with the BMI Poster we purchased. Because of its size and coloring, the poster looks easy to read." Maria Colonna, Joseph G. Colonna, MD.

"Hi Judy, Thank you for your help, I have received my whole order and I love it!" Rachel Telschow, RD

"Hi Judy, My custom Breakfast and Lunch Rock Your Tray Posters arrived today and they look great! The size is perfect! Thank you for getting these completed and out to me so quickly and just in time for our school start! My students will be viewing your video ‘Rock Your Tray’ the first week of school and seeing the new Rock Your Tray Posters in the cafeteria will really reinforce the message!" Sharon Baird, RD, MEd, MBA, Food Service Director, Goleta Union School District

"Hello…, Everything is great! I received the posters I ordered sooner than anticipated. I am a repeat customer and I have always been satisfied with the materials I have received. Thank you for checking in with me." Charlotte Porcaro

"The materials and poster I ordered were great. In particular the colorful cholesterol poster is attracting folks who are actually reading the information. I run a corporate health center so sometimes it's hard to keep these Type A's attention for too long! As to referrals, my team is all over the country and we have a web portal that we post information, articles or whatever we think might be useful to each other. I posted your website on this portal and I hope my colleagues are taking advantage of the information. I know that I am! Thanks again for a great website and resources!" Sincerely, Michelle McCracken-Brown, PA-C, Physician Assistant, Health Center Manager, Take Care Health Systems, Inc.

"What an easy process. Thank you!" - Eileen Fairbrother, RD, CNSC, CP-FS, Director Nutrition Services, Sutter Coast Hospital

"I am very pleased with the posters and downloadable content I ordered. I will definitely be using your products in the future." - Thank you, Lisa Holton, RN, District Nurse, Littlerock High School

"Thank you for making the fiber video for us. The content is very good." - Kevin Schmuck  Ex. Phys. Supervisor - Cardiac Rehabilitation, Scottsdale Healthcare, Heart & Vascular Services"

"If you haven't done so already, you should take a look at the picture albums posted on our Facebook page.  We've got snaps of each of the 4 sessions so far.  If you look closely you'll see some of your posters.  We've hung them all over to help transform what was a fairly dingy basement into a warm and educational environment. The posters have been a great resource pedagogically both as primary teaching tools and as ongoing reinforcement.  And even when we're not paying attention to the specific content, they are visually pleasing. Thanks!" Doug Barg, Kitchen Cred

"Hello! The posters I purchased are rotated on a monthly basis between three units, our Alaska native hospital, psychiatric institute and VA Domiciliary (for mental health and addition).  They are seen by a wide variety of people. They are colorful and have the right amount of information (not too much and not too little).  I think our folks can get and are getting a lot of information from these posters. Thank you!" Melissa A. Chlupach, MS, RD, LD,ANMC Food and Nutrition Services

"I used the Nutrition poster this past weekend for a cultural Resource and Wellness fair sponsored by the local Hmong Community,  I used the poster as the centerpiece for my display on healthy eating and using a MyPlate activity to engage the participants.  The poster, as is true with many of the posters from Nutrition Education Store are colorful, interesting to the eye, and fun to look at.  They are a real draw to a booth, especially in this instance where English skills may be limited for some.  Thank you for providing such cost effective and well done posters." Marla Hill, RD, CD

"Thanks! Your MyPlate poster just arrived and it looks great! It is already posted on the hallway for all to see." Karen Newton, Program Manager, West Virginia University Cooperative Extension

"This is fantastic; the Elementary Nutrition PowerPoint was worth the wait. I am so impressed with content, graphics and overall structure of presentation. Thanks so much for your assistance." Warm regards, Mia Wolinsky-Zazon, MS, RD, CDN

"We used the dietary guidelines power point presentation for 50 teachers at a Polk County WI School, and it was a great success. Thank you!" - Mary Lestrud, Nutrition Coordinator, Pierce, Polk, St. Croix Counties, University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension

"Hi Judy, The presentation went great. I can't tell you how much time this power point saved me. Thank you again for having a wonderful power point. Have a wonderful day!" --Shirley M. Winslett, RD, LD, Owatonna Hospital

"Thanks so much Judy! I think I may be done for awhile! I am really very thankful for finding you and your website. Your material is exactly the way I would have wanted to write my program. You saved me so much time and frustration. Thanks!!!" - Kathy Bee
"Thank you! Healthy Shopping on a Budget will come in very helpful with EFNEP staff and in service trainings." - Lisa Phillips, Program Assistant, Connecticut Center for Eliminating Health Disparities among Latinos (
"I have enjoyed your materials and have used the Portion Control DVD with my groups in our multidisplinary Bariatrics program." - Randall Feezell. M.D.
"Thanks so much for your help. I have successfully accessed my account and downloaded the new file. I will be using the Fad Diet PPT during a presentation I am giving tomorrow evening at a community weight loss event. I always enjoy using your products-they save me a lot of time!" - Kelly Chanay
"Thank you. I just looked through all the materials I have downloaded--looks good, just what I needed. Thanks for such quick service!" Debora L Arseneau, MS, RD, Extension Educator, Morocco, IN
"I really like the download option. Sometimes things come up at the 'last minute' and it's nice to have the quick access. Also, it seems to be more efficient, saving time and cost for both the customer and for yourself, making sense for all." Kim Kochenderfer, RD, CD, CLE, Dietitian, La Crosse County Health Department, La Crosse, WI
"This download option was a lifesaver for me! I am doing a program in a few days and I wanted to use some of the information from No Battles, Better Eating for Children. I didn't have the curriculum and knew it would cost me a fortune to have it shipped express! I think this is fabulous. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)." Lisa Farmer, FACS Agent, K-State Research & Extension.
"Thanks - got the new handouts - awesome - will be ordering more via University of Waterloo." Marg Alfieri, University of Waterloo, Canada.
"I looked at the low carb fad diet presentations and they are super! Thanks too, for your help on the phone - it was easy to use the new download center and I liked getting my files instantly with no wait time and no shipping fee." Cara Pollock, RD, LDN, Wellness Manager, Sun Life
"Judy, HOW WONDERFUL! It worked, we can use this info immediately. What a great service! Love the download!!" Barbara M. Carlson, MA, RD, CDE, Director, Helwig Diabetes Center
"Judy, Thank you so very much. I love your educational materials. I have purchased several of your items and plan to purchase more in the future. I have a wish list that I keep adding to. I can’t wait for the new one you are working on now with the fast food pictures. Thanks for all of your assistance." Janet Skelton, RD
“Holiday Secrets is an epicurean’s haven.  The best part is it shows you how to enjoy holiday eating in delicious and nutritious ways!” – Victoria Shanta Retelny, RD, Living Well Communications
“Thank you so much for your quick response to my note! You are just the best!  Holiday Secrets is beautifully presented!  I have been a loyal subscriber since you began and thank you for the “best of the best” materials and personalized assistance!!!”  – Debra Joseph, RD
“I just ordered my membership today and have already determined that the value and quality of what you provide is both incredible and excellent. Awesome, Thanks again!”  – Christine Jacobson, R.D., L.D.
“Hi, Judy. My talk last night went very well. Several people from the audience wanted to know when my next talk will be so they can be sure to attend! All your pictures were great! Thank you so much for all your support. I'm sure I will be talking to you again soon. Have a great weekend!”  – Sonya Angelone, RD

"Hi Judy, Thanks!!!! These ideas are great! You are always so helpful there are quite a few ideas I can use. I am working with the school nurse to use the fair as a kick off for the great calcium challenge the week after the event. Have a great day." -- Pat Hunter, RD

"I just want to take a moment to let you all know how much I appreciate CFFH!  Your work, makes my job easier!  Every time I am preparing for a presentaiton, I simply search the library and very easily find handouts that are just perfect for what I need.  I don't know what I would do without my CFFH membership.  I think it is essential for any Dietitian who is educating people about nutrition!  LOVE IT!!" -- Melissa Dalton, MPH, RD, CDN

"I’ve found your information to be really helpful and use it for newsletters, educational and food prep programs and even on some webinars we have developed. The food prep programs help to pay for program materials such as my subscription to Food and Health! -- Regards, Julie B. England, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent II, University of Florida/IFAS Lake County Extension"

"Just a note to say that Communicating Food for Health is a great resource!  You have so many great materials from handouts to lesson plans to clip art to articles, etc.  I use them in so many different applications.  Thanks for providing such a credible resource treasure!!" --Marla Hill, RC, CD, Public Health Nutritionist, Marathon County Health Dept., Wausau, WI

"Just got my posters and they are fantastic!! Can't wait to hang them up at my classes!  So eye catching and very easy to understand... LOVE them!  I will definitely be ordering more at the end of the month.  Thanx so much!" --Blessings! Debbi Kennedy, Ditch the Drive-Thru


Customer Reviews