MyPlate Handout Tearpad

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Product Description

My Plate Handouts in Tearpad

Use the My Plate Color Handout Tearpad for any occasion -- it's a great accompaniment to food posters and food group guides. Each tearpad contains 50 sheets and features full color on the front and black and white on the back.

Front side: Choose MyPlate with colorful food groups.

  • Now your audience will understand how to eat enough from the My Plate food groups.
  • AND their foods will be in the right portions and proportions.

Back side: Food group information - let's get specific:
  • Which foods are in each group?
  • What is a fruit?
  • What is a vegetable?
  • What is a protein food?
  • What is a dairy food?
  • What are whole grain foods?
  • What is a serving size?
  • How many servings should I eat?
  • And the best part - see how many calories you save with MyPlate!

Why stock up on colorful My Plate USDA resources? Because these are the best around. If you're still relying on the outdated food guide pyramid resources or even older food group nutrition guides, it's time to update to the latest resources for MyPlate.