Elementary School Nutrition Workbook Pack of 10

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Product Description

It's easy to get kids excited about good nutrition! With this workbook, you can help children learn about balanced eating in a snap. The lessons are fun, easy, and memorable, and each one will help the kids remember key nutrition information while staying engaged with the material. Get your copies today!

This 8-page workbook offers an introduction to nutrition, with fun facts, puzzles, quizzes, and plenty of illustrations. The topics covered include…

    * Nutrients and MyPlate
    * MyPlate Fruit Group
    * MyPlate Vegetable Group
    * MyPlate Grain Group
    * MyPlate Protein Group
    * MyPlate Dairy Group

The language is simple and clear, and the illustrations make the main points more memorable. Plus, the challenges that the games and quizzes present ensure that the most important information is easy for your audience to remember. Get kids engaged in nutrition education today!

What's In It?

Page 1 - cover

Page 2 - What is Nutrition?; Meet MyPlate

Page 3 - Fruits Facts and Worksheet Activities

Page 4 - Vegetables Facts and Worksheet Activities

Page 5 - Grains Facts and Worksheet Activities

Page 6 - Protein Facts and Worksheet Activities

Page 7 - Dairy Facts and Worksheet Activities

Page 8 - Make MyPlate Activity

BONUS Leaderguide Download: includes answers and activity ideas


  • Ages - elementary grades
  • English
  • 5.5" X 8.5"
  • 8 pages
  • Saddle stitched
  • 70# uncoated paper (so you can write with pen or pencil)
  • Printed in color