How to Download

Click here to have your downloads resent via email - use the email address from your order and you will get a link to download your purchases again.

Many of our orders have digital download gifts.

Here is how to download your files:

Download 3 easy ways:

1) Checkout. At checkout on our website.

2) Inbox. You get a download link in your email inbox.

3) Your account. If you create an account in our store, you can view and download digital files. There is even a button to download them all!

PLUS you can click the link above to have your download link emailed sent again (must match your account with link). This is for all orders made after January 20, 2016.

PLUS you will receive a new link by email whenever we update the file!!

Note: If you choose "pay offline" on checkout you will not see the download link until your order is paid.