Salad Secrets Cookbook - Printed Book

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Salad Secrets Cookbook - Printed Book


Salad Secrets contains the most creative, healthy salads. This is not just another chef's favorite salad book - it is meant to teach you how to make salad no matter your kitchen skill. You will fall in love with salad all over again as you gain many new ways and ideas for making your own wonderful creation each day. This could very well be the last salad book you ever need to buy! PLUS our salads are so fun to make we promise you will love making more salads every day.

You Receive Culinary Art Instruction

  • You receive at least 20 different presentation techniques to make a salad that make your simple dish look like a professional chef's creation.
  • Each recipe includes at least 2 photos so you can see how to prepare the ingredients and the finished dish.
  • This book is written by a professional chef.
  • You can rest assured that these recipes have been made over and over and they work every time.
  • Finishing tips, plating tips and ingredient tips are shared throughout the book.

You Receive Up to the Minute Nutrition and Research Tips for Salads

  • The introduction includes citations from research studies that prove eating a salad before a meal helps you consume fewer calories.
  • Avoid the 3 mistakes that ruin salads!
  • All recipes contain nutrition facts analysis and they are low in fat and sodium.
  • Many salads contain 1-3 cups of veggies - almost a full day's supply.
  • Expert articles by a dietitian explains how to keep salads healthy.

Great Salads Are Going to Be Fast Now

  • You will want to refer to this book over and over for great dinner ideas.
  • Better still, the photos are instructional - you will know how to make these dishes without reading the recipes!
  • Salads use easy-to-find, inexpensive ingredients and are easy to make
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ISBN: ‎978-0-9829486-0-6

8" X 10", 120 pages, black and white paperback

10 chapters: secrets, warm, slaw, quick, masterpiece, dessert, potato, pasta/couscous, sides, meals