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Kids Kitchen Savvy Program

Learning how food and health intertwine is an important lesson for any child. This packet will show you how to teach cooking to children, from safety to scrumptious meals, while educating them about how their food choices impact their general health and well-being. Teaching kids how to cook will increase their self-esteem and self-reliance, too.

This kit also cooks up recipes for fun activities and fitness. With rates of obesity rising, it is important to teach kids to stay active.

  • Kids Kitchen Savvy Handouts contain 65 copier-ready pages of handouts and leader guides for 8 lessons:
    • Kitchen Tour - how to measure, stay safe and use basic kitchen equipment.
    • MyPlate - how to plan meals and understand serving sizes
    • Food Safety Basics - how to stay safe in the kitchen and prevent foodborne illness - fun temperature experiment to learn to cool things quickly
    • Food Fit Fun - make energy snacks and learn the importance of activity
    • Bone Up With Calcium - learn to get enough calcium with recipes and fun lessons
    • Fruits and Vegetables - includes knife practice skill, recipes and preparation tips for fruits and vegetables
    • Healthful Balance - learn portion control and the importance of good foods versus fun foods
    • Celebration - plan and cook for guests

    PLUS you receive 2 BONUS PowerPoint shows - Make A Healthy Plate and "Nutrition for Preschool" which is a visual show to help kids understand that foods have nutrients that their bodies need


  • Length of Show: Each lesson is about 1 hour - teach one or 8
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