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Shopping Smart for Weight Loss PowerPoint and Handouts

 When you need to look your very best now...

Learning objectives & benefits:

This Shopping Smart for Weight Loss PowerPoint, Shopping Tour Program and Handouts lesson plan teaches individuals how to choose lower calorie foods in the grocery store. It can be used in a classroom, for individual counseling or in a grocery store tour. Take them on a tour of the grocery store in the PowerPoint show and explain what they should consider in every aisle. Tour tips, product example and comparison idea and more help illustrate your point so they see and learn.

Use this program before a tour or as a virtual tour. Use the tips and handouts on a real tour.

The PowerPoint program is a virtual store tour - you can see pictures of two carts with the same amount of food. One cart has a lot more calories and costs a lot more money - yet it has fewer meals. Filling up with healthy foods is the answer. This tour will help them make better choices for their pocket book, waist line and health.

Shopping and cooking are two essential skills for everyone to learn to have better body weight and health.

Here are the lesson plans given for the show and the leader guide with handouts:

        • Grains, breads, pasta, cereals , packaged foods - which are the best choices for weight loss?
        • Produce and canned foods - build many meals and meal ideas here
        • Dairy foods - wow the choices are plenty - how do you sort through them quickly? What should you beware of?
        • Condiments, sugar substitutes and prepared items - some can be great bargains for flavor without calories
        • Fats, margarines and oils - use caution and savvy packaging to use less
        • Beverages - tasty ideas without calories and some show stoppers that pack a lot of calories
        • Meat, seafood, deli counters - navigate carefully to get the best value for your calorie
        • Baked goods, desserts - by figuring the total calorie per cake you can get a better picture of what these foods do
        • Frozen foods - find the ones that save time without breaking the calorie budget
  • Tips for shopping in each section of the store are given so consumers can make better choices for managing their diet. Use these for supermarket tours or classroom use. More handouts on healthy lifestyle, body mass index, vending machine purchases and a healthy shopping list are provided. And a Take Me Shopping copy-ready, double-sided brochure is included, too.
  • PowerPoint Show with 75 slides contains excellent visuals and many many case studies to help individuals select lower calorie foods. 2 carts are shown - one filled with low-fat, high-fiber foods and the other with processed foods - and the outcome in calories is dramatic!

Handouts included: BMI, Lifestyle Not Diet, Shopping List, Vending Machines and a Brochure. Plus there are handouts and lesson plans for every aisle!


  • Number of slides: 75
  • Number of handout pages with leader guide: 40 + 2 page brochure
  • Target audience: Ages 14 - 100
  • Approximate length of show: 1 hour
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