Nutrition Facts Label Poster - New Food Label Poster

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Food Label Nutrition Facts Poster

This simple-to-read-and-understand poster includes the newly updated food label or Nutrition Facts Panel design. It explains how to read a label in a 1-2-3 format for the most important strategies: calories/portions, fat and sodium, nutrients and fiber. A tip for analyzing added sugars is given.

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An eye-catching design and modern color palette by our award-winning graphic artist and the editorial team make this poster lesson very visual and attractive for any wall! It is very simple and fast to learn how to understand a food label when you use this poster.

All Nutrition Education Store food label materials use the same color scheme and pattern so you look very put together and savvy in front of your clients and employees!

The first step in helping individuals learn to eat a better diet is to learn to shop better. The Nutrition Facts panel is on the back of processed foods but most shoppers do not know how to read it quickly or what any of the terms on the label mean. This banner makes label reading as easy as one-two-three to teach everyone how to read a food label.

Manufacturers will start rolling out products with it now as they reformulate their products to be more competitive. The new label is required to be on all food packages by July of 2018. Use this poster to teach the old and new format!

Here is what they will learn:

  • How to read a Nutrition Facts label
  • Understand calories and serving sizes per package
  • Keep it healthy for the h-eart
  • What's in it for me? Check fiber and nutrients!
  • Take a look at added sugars and percent of daily value and figure out how this food fits their daily sugar allotment of 10% of calories
  • They can make better buying decisions based on the Nutrition Facts label
  • Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 6 - 100
  • Size: 18" X 24"
  • Laminated
  • Includes 2 free PDF handout downloads with every paid order - delivered to your inbox (pictured above): What's New and 3 Ways to Read A Food Label.

Free label reading activity ideas to use with current and new food label:

  • Read the Nutrition Facts Panels on yogurt with fruit on the bottom to see the amount of sugar and calories. Yogurt with fruit on the bottom contains about 24 g of sugar and 150 calories while plain Greek yogurt only has 100 calories and 7g of sugar per serving on average. The amounts will vary by brand but be similar for the styles.
  • Read the food labels on sweetened beverages to discover the amount of sugar. Calculate how much of the new daily value recommended by the 2015 Dietary Guidelines this represents (use 50g as 100% of a 10% limit 50g x 4 = 200  for 2000 calorie diet). For example, a 12 ounce serving of soda contains 39 grams of sugar or 78% of the recommended daily limit for sugar.
  • Compare food labels on three cereals to determine best choice for low sugar content, high fiber content and low sodium content.
  • Compare Nutrition Facts Panels on three milk cartons to determine best choice for saturated fat and calories: whole, 2%, skim
  • Compare ground meat to determine best choice for saturated fat and total fat and calorie contents: extra lean, lean, regular; compare with turkey: regular and extra lean

 This makes an excellent nutrition and math lesson, good for any STEM class. It also makes a great classroom poster plus it can be used as a school cafeteria poster.