MyPlate Activity Workbook Pack of 10

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Product Description

My Plate Activity Workbook for Kids Nutrition Lessons

The MyPlate Activity Workbook for Students and Classrooms is FUN!

Great story with illustrations:

  • Read the story about Captain Health and the Case of the Disappearing Nutrients.
  • It is illustrated and tells a story about a lunchroom at Sofa Elementary School that has a sneaky problem.
  • Captain Health comes to the rescue.
  • Everyone loves to read a good story and Captain Health and the case of the missing nutrients explains everything they need to know to eat better lunches every day.

Create A Snack With MyPlate

  • Create great snacks with MyPlate.
  • Each snack ingredient is listed under its food group.
  • Kids get to create 3 snacks.
  • Have a contest or post a new snack each week featuring a new student's creation.

UH OH! Find the MyPlate Imposters!

  • A fun activity to find the foods that are hiding under the wrong groups.
  • Emphasizes the use of food groups for nutrition.

What's In It?

Page 1 - Cover

Pages 2 to 6 - The story of Captain Health and the Missing Nutrients - take turns reading aloud and find out how Sir Eats-A_Lot has replaced all the healthful foods with foods that are loaded with solid fats and added sugars

Page 7 - Worksheet using a list of foods in food groups to create MyPlate snacks

Page 8 - MyPlate Impostors puzzle - solve the puzzle by finding the foods in each of the MyPlate food groups that don't belong. (Hint: there is a chicken hiding in the vegetable group!)

BONUS Handout Download:

Create an advertisement for MyPlate - great for older kids so they can explain a few of their favorite things about MyPlate. Draw your favorite foods. And then add advice for others so they can take advantage of MyPlate, too.


  • Grades K to 3
  • English
  • 8.5"X 11"
  • 8 pages
  • Saddle stitched
  • Printed in color