Learn to Cook Workbook for Adults and Kids - Pack of 10

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Product Description

Learn to Cook Workbook for Adults and Kids

This 8-page workbook covers all of the basics of healthful cooking, including…

* Food Safety
* Handling Knives
* Moist and Dry Heat Cooking Basics
* Measuring and Conversions and Kitchen Math
* Balancing Meals
* Shopping and Menu Planning
* Healthful Recipes

The book also features a leader guide PDF download, which offers fresh activity ideas, answers to the quizzes and math problems in the workbook, and discussion questions.

The recipes included in this book are…

* Chips and Salsa
* Carrot Ginger Salad
* Pomodoro Tomato Soup
* Tuna with Spaghetti Squash, Brown Rice, and a Salad
* Banana Split


  • Ages 12 to adult
  • English
  • 5.5" X 8.5"
  • 8 pages
  • Saddle stitched
  • 70# uncoated paper (so you can write with pen or pencil)
  • Printed in color

What's In It?

Page 1 - cover

Page 2 - Food Safety; Knife Safety

Page 3 - Ways to Cook with Moist Heat, Dry Heat; Measuring; Kitchen Math Quiz

Page 4 - MyPlate Balances Meals; Shopping

Page 5 - Menu Planning Tips; Appetizer Chips and Salsa Recipe

Page 6 - Carrot Ginger Salad Recipe, Tomato Soup Recipe

Page 7 - Entree Fish and Squash Healthy Plate

Page 8 - Dessert: Banana Split; Cooking Quiz

 This workbook is great for Family and Consumer Science, adult education, nutrition and math, STEM and science and any application where you want to combine science and math learning with real life applications. And everyone gets to eat the results!