Living Tobacco Free PPT and Handout Lesson - DOWNLOAD

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Product Description

Living Tobacco Free PPT and Handout Lesson

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Learning objectives & benefits:

In this Living Tobacco Free PowerPoint and Handout Lesson, your audience will learn about why and how to eradicate tobacco from their lives.

  • Here is what your clients will learn in the show and matching handouts:

    • Statistics and Mortality Risks
      • Smoking Statistics
      • Tobacco Use Around the World
      • Death by Complications
      • Secondhand Smoke
    • Health Risks
      • Lungs
      • Heart
      • Cancer
    • Benefits of Quitting
      • Immediate Benefits
      • Medium Term Benefits
      • Long Term Benefits
      • Quit NOW!
    • How to Quit
      • Counseling
      • Medication
      • Medication and Counseling
      • Plan of Attack
      • Resources

PLUS 4 handouts in PDF are given that outline the four main sections of the PPT Show so your audience can continue reviewing your lesson at home.


  • Number of slides with speaker's notes: 45
  • Number of handout pages with leader guide (PDF):4
  • Target audience: patients who smoke or have a loved one who smokes
  • Approximate length of show: 30-35 minutes
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