Get A Groove to Move Banner 48" x 36" Vinyl - Wellness Fair Banner

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Product Description

Get A Groove to Move Banner 48" x 36" Vinyl - Wellness Fair Banner

Learning Objectives and Benefits:

  • The Get A Groove to Move Banner with X stand is a great resource for showing the importance of finding your own groove so you love to move.
    • It encourages everyone to move more.
    • It has a hip message and colors that will resonate with all ages.
    • The message is positive - do what you love and get your own groove.
    • The best message is to move more all day!
  • Large 48" x 36" art banner is attractive and engaging with stunning colors and graphic designs.
  • Brighten up your classroom, hallway, cafeteria, etc. with this beautiful display about physical activity. Use it at your next wellness fair!

Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 4 - 100


  • Material: Vinyl banner with grommets on all four corners
  • Dimensions: 48" x 36" inches

This design and message is also found in a poster, banner, notepad, bookmark, wristband, and sticker. Now you can have an innovative message with matching components in your next event! 

Pair this banner with our new Street Art Poster that is all about eating more fruits and vegetables. Every audience will love it!