Floor Sticker - Health Hopscotch

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Product Description

Floor Sticker - Health Hopscotch

This reusable floor sticker decal is as versatile as it is useful!

It makes the perfect basis for an icebreaker or group activity. Or you could use this sticker in a demonstration. It will be sure to draw a crowd to your wellness or health fair booth, and its design will pep up any display. Plus, it's just plain fun!

Help your audience play health hopscotch as they move through the components of a healthy life, one that's filled with activity, fruit, vegetables, grains, milk, protein, MyPlate, and, of course, sleep. Inspire conversation, offer meaningful and memorable advice, and have some a good time, all with just one handy resource!


  • 18" X 54"
  • Removable (reusable if floor is clean before sticking)
  • Non-skid
  • For use on smooth surface floors
  • Free PDF Handout: “Hop to Health” delivered digitally with every paid order - instant delivery!