MyPlate for Kids 40X30 Wall Decal Poster - JUMBO

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Product Description

My Plate for Kids Wall Cling - My Plate Kids Banner

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • Wall clings are easy to hang and easy to remove. They are perfect for walls where a frame just won't work.
  • Here is a stunning visual for kids and their families to explain a balanced plate and diet.
  • Foods in each group are healthful choices.
  • Emphasizes physical activity.
  • Bright yellow color is perfect for any room


  • Dimensions: 40"X30" inches
  • Choose from other sizes, larger or smaller just give us a call and we can make it!
  • Health Poster Topics: MyPlate, MiPlato, Nutrition, Healthy Diet, Balanced Diet, Dietary Guidelines, Fruits and Vegetables

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