Farm to School Floor Decal

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Product Description

This beautiful floor decal frames the concept of farm to school perfectly in a colorful visual that is great for a wall or floor. 

The Farm to School design was drawn by a bay area artist whose vision was to illustrate the perfect toolkit for any student to have the energy for academic success. Brightly colored vegetables, fruits, milk/dairy, poultry, and grains are all found in the MyPlate food groups and they are grown painstakingly by local farmers and delivered to the schools. Eating local, freshly produced foods is good for students, the environment, and the farmers. 

This floor decal is designed to decorate school cafeterias and spark K-12 students’ interest in consuming a well-balanced diet of responsibly-sourced foods. Like its catchphrase “Farm to School”, the illustration is rooted in a sense of place and origin: a farm with a bright red barn and rolling pastoral hills provides a backdrop for where food is cultivated in a clean, green and natural setting. The backpack in the forefront transitions the scene to the school realm: it is packed to the brim with an array of farm-sourced produce (fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts) that position healthy foods as essential tools for a productive day at school– along the likes of notebooks, pens, pencils and other school supplies. The backpack’s cow print front pocket and its proximity to a chicken with eggs acknowledges that animal products are a part of most diets and should be sourced responsibly as well. 

Use this beautiful floor or wall decal in your school cafeteria to show you care and to encourage awareness of healthier eating for your prepared meals. 


Audience: schools from K to 12

Language: English

Size 18" x 24" landscape orientation

Material: removable vinyl decal

Made: in the USA