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Whole Grain PowerPoint

When you need to look your very best now...

Learning objectives & benefits:

MyPlate calls for at least half of our grains to be whole grains. But do we ever tell consumers how to really shop for whole grains?

Do you really want your client, student or patient buying whole grain donuts?

Now, they don't have to. The Whole Grain PowerPoint Show is a shopper express lesson to help everyone shop for whole grains.

They will learn three easy steps to find out if a grain product:

1) is a whole grain?

2) is it a good, heart healthy whole grain choice?

3) is it very calorie dense?

It is as easy as 1-2-3.

Here is a fun show that is very relevant, very savvy and tells everyone just what they need to know to get enough whole grains in their diet today! Use it for your next supermarket tour!

Over 30 slides tell consumers just what they need to know about grains:

  • What is a grain?
  • Which are whole or refined? How do you tell by reading the food package?
  • 3 ounces whole grains per day
  • What is an ounce?
  • 3 steps to the best whole grain (is it whole? is it heart healthy? is it calorie dense?
  • Take a look and compare these products - label reading really makes a difference!
  • Consumers learn to choose products that are low in sodium, saturated fat and trans fat that won't break their calorie budget.

PLUS there is more - 2 sets of whole grain handouts:

  • 1 color set of handouts with 2 pages for the 3 steps and the explanation between whole and refined grains.
  • 13 pages of indepth handouts about the fiber and health advantages of whole grains with recipes


  • Number of slides: 30

  • Number of handouts: 15

  • Target audience: Ages 13 - 100

  • Approximate length of show: 30 - 45 minutes

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