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Portion Control DVD/CD Video PowerPoint



View a flash file above from the PowerPoint show that comes with the DVD. This is a 2 disc set with a video on DVD and a PowerPoint show, handouts and photos on CD - great value!!

Learning objectives & benefits:

Highlights of this Portion Control Video and accompanying PowerPoint show include:

  • Don't let the food manufacturer tell you how much to eat - read the label and practice measuring

    • Watch funny examples of how big the packages really are - some look like one serving but are 3 servings!

  • Learn practical measuring tips for popular foods for snacks, desserts, breakfast lunch and dinner - just the way the consumer eats

    • How big is that breakfast pastry

    • And how many cups of cereal does that big bowl hold?

    • What is in a sandwich? Many portions of bread and meat - not much veggies

    • How to make a healthier breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert - we do show how to do and measure right

    • What is a popular dinner - it looks like one thing on a plate - but measure it out and what do you have?

  • When you choose more fruits and vegetables, you get to eat more food for the same or fewer calories

  • How to load a healthy plate - a great formula for every meal

  • Use smaller plates and cups - with visuals showing the difference

  • Photos are used to show every lesson - see the flash preview of the PowerPoint show above

Our DVD video show is lively, fun and engaging to help consumers get their portions right for every meal. Information complies with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. It comes with a bonus CD that contains a file for color handouts, photos used in the show and a bonus express PowerPoint show.

Here are excerpts from each section:

Snacks -

  • Don't go by package size; read the label and measure; most packaged snacks are about a handful per serving.

  • BUT choosing healthful snacks is more important than measuring foods out of the box/bag. To illustrate this valuable point, we show 150 calories of chips, puffs, cookies, grapes, carrots and strawberries; you get to eat so much more with fruits and vegetables versus packaged snacks.

  • We also have fun making a delicious fruit and vegetable snack platter for two and comparing volume and calories with 1 ounce of chips.

Beverages -

  • Many beverage bottles contain more than one serving and many cups are more than a cup

  • A demonstration teaches individuals how to measure beverages by cup.

Breakfast -

  • Huge baked goods are around 500 calories.

  • But if you make the magic formula of 1 cup lowfat milk/yogurt, 1 cup fruit and 1 serving whole grain you end up with about 250 calories - and double the amount of food!

  • We show tips for whole grain breakfast foods and their portion sizes.

  • For example - what a one serving size bagel really looks like compared to the bakery version, 1 slice of toast and how to measure cereal and put it in a realistic sized bowl.

Lunch -

  • We present a huge submarine sandwich and explain it is 1200 calories.

  • Then we dissect the sandwich and find out it is a whole plate of meat, a whole plate of bread and just a tad of veggies.

  • We make a better lunch with a huge salad, chicken vegetable soup and whole grain bread for just 400 calories.

Dinner -

  • See a plate of fried chicken, cheese macaroni and buttered potatoes equal 1200 calories.

  • Watch us make and measure a plate with 1/4 of the plate a chicken breast the size of a deck of cards, 1/4 whole grain (1/2 cup) and 1/2 veggies with delicious herb lemon sauce.

  • The healthier dinner is just 400 calories.

Dessert -

  • Laugh with us as we make a funny demo putting too much ice cream in a big bowl.

  • Then we show how to measure a 1/2 cup of low-fat ice cream into a beautiful footed glass with berries and a drizzle of chocolate sauce - beautiful - and half the calories.

  • Compare a finger sized cookie (great indulgence idea) with a huge slice of cake.

Length of Video: 14 minutes


  • Windows Compatible DVD Players

  • Standard DVD Players - ALL Regions

  • 14 Minutes in length

  • General Audience Rated

Specs for PowerPoint and Handout on CD:

  • Number of slides: 30, with speaker's notes and photographs!

  • NEW - download version now available - for PC users in 17 mg zip file!

  • Number of handout pages with leader guide: 14

  • Target audience: Ages 12 - 100

  • Approximate length of show: 20-30 minutes

We also have the PowerPoint show available for purchase by itself - search on "portion control powerpoint" to find it.

This CD/DVD set is a great value because you get the PowerPoint and DVD on 2 discs for just $69! Plus you receive handouts, leader guide and all photos used for the shows!

What the customers are saying:

"I have enjoyed your 12 Lessons of Weight Loss materials and have used the Portion Control DVD with my groups in our multidisplinary Bariatrics program. Randall Feezell. M.D."



Portion Control - Snacking from JudyDoherty on Vimeo.