No Battles, Better Eating for Kids Book and PPT for Caregivers, Daycare Providers and Parents

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No Battles, Better Eating for Kids Book and PPT for Caregivers, Daycare Providers and Parents

 Uses and Audiences


So, when exactly might this book be helpful? Well, if you do any of the following, this book is for you...


  • Look for new ways to teach your kids to love healthful food and prepare it themselves.
  • Teach parents or grandparents how to feed their kids well.
  • Instruct day-care workers in the balanced preparation of food and menus.
  • Present fun classroom instruction about eating healthfully.
  • Work with WIC, EFNEP, or other low-income family audiences.


Learning Objectives & Benefits:

  • Kids will learn to eat healthfully in two major ways. The first is through gaining knowledge about food and nutrition by participating in fun and engaging activities. The second comes from spending quality time in the kitchen with educators and family members. This strategy helps kids become more receptive to trying new things.
  • Kids will learn to make their way around the kitchen with confidence. They will discover everything from measuring skills to food preparation principles. We even discuss food safety!
  • Kids will learn to apply the balanced and healthful tenets of MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
  • Kids will have fun with food and start seeing it as a way to fuel their bodies correctly. Families will establish that food is neither a punishment nor a reward.
  • Parents and educators will learn about and engage in a wide variety of activities that teach various nutritional and cooking lessons.


117 page book (print or eBook format) includes many fun and engaging lessons. Major chapters include...

  • Kitchen Basics for Kids (Includes mini lessons “Meet the Kitchen,” “Fruits and Vegetables,” “Calcium,” and “Balance and Portions”). 
  • Shopping at the Grocery Store and Farmers’ Markets.
  • Meet MyPlate.
  • Cholesterol Choices.
  • Exercise Right!
  • Food Games and Activities.
  • Projects for Teens and Advanced Chefs.
  • Culmination Celebration!

4 PowerPoint shows: Three of these presentations are directed at kids and will help them learn about aspects of proper nutrition. The fourth show is for parents and caregivers. It covers various ways to help children improve their lifestyle and eating choices.

  1. Cholesterol 101 for Kids - This show explains why and how children and teens can keep their cholesterol levels in check. It is based on the new health guidelines for kids.
  2. Food Safety - This presentation gives great advice about keeping everyone healthy through safe food preparation practices.
  3. Kitchen Basics - Kids can learn to measure, follow recipe directions, use a knife safely, and review other kitchen basics.
  4. APE - This show helps parents and teachers learn how availability, persistence, and exercise can foster healthful eating habits.



Includes tips and handouts from Hollis Bass, MS, RD and Carol Meerschaert, RD

"I wrote this kit after years of working with my son to prepare healthful and delicious food. Now he helps out in the kitchen and the grocery store, and his repertoire of healthy food the he can make and eat has increased dramatically (it includes beans/legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits). He has experienced gardening and enjoys preparing his own meals. We accomplished all this without a struggle, an unkind word, or bribery! I used creative ideas to engage his interest, and now I want to share what we did. The activities are simple and do not require elaborate equipment or a lot of time. All that you need is quality time with your child, knowledge, persistence, and our fun activities."

-- Judy Doherty, PC II, Publisher and Executive Editor, Communicating Food for Health Newsletter

Specs for CD:

  • Number of PowerPoint slides with speaker's notes: 151. (That’s the total number of slides in all four shows. Breakdown of slides by show is as follows...)
    Cholesterol: 40 slides
    Food Safety: 35 slides
    Kitchen Basics: 45 slides
    APE: 31 slides
  • Approximate length of shows: 45 minutes each.
  • Number of book pages with handouts, activities, recipes and leader guides (Book or PDF): 117
  • Target audience: Kids between the ages of 3 and 18.