MyPlate Interactive Shopping Tour

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Product Description

My Plate Shopping Tour

This interactive shopping tour lesson will allow everyone to compare many food choices in each MyPlate food group using the Nutrition Facts label and Fooducate, a smart phone app that scans foods and evaluates them based on their nutrient content and other factors. You will stand apart with this show with its up-to-date lessons and expert analysis for grocery shopping. Your audience will love the interactivity and they will learn the most important shopping and label reading lessons.

We made this show because a customer requested an interactive shopping show and presentation using a smart phone app and we thought it was a great idea.

Participants will be working on many activities throughout the show. They will learn that the least processed foods of each group usually grade higher. They will learn that the Nutrition Facts label is the gold standard that should always be referenced for calories and sodium with examples given that drive this lesson home. And they will learn to balance their shopping cart with MyPlate and to make better choices in each group.

The time will fly by very fast! There are four ways to present this material and show:

1) Use a list of foods from the leader guide to place real foods and food packages around the room for scanning

2) Use a list of foods from the leader guide to place real foods and food packages around the room for comparison with the food label

3) Hide the "activity" slides and just use the self-contained show that has many screen shots from the app for a fun virtual store tour.

4) Use this show as an introduction to a real grocery store tour and use the Fooducate and Nutrition Facts label reading activities in a real grocery store.

While it is fun if participants have a smart phone along with the Fooducate App (which is free), there are also many ways to use this show and its activities without a smart phone. Our detailed leader guide, along with excellent speaker's notes within the show, will help you every step of the way.

Learning objectives & benefits:

After the show, participants will be able to answer all the following questions:

  • What is My Plate and what are My Plate food groups?
  • How do you read a Nutrition Facts Panel on food packages?
  • How do you use the Fooducate smart phone app to grade MyPlate food groups?
  • Is Fooducate always accurate?
  • How do you choose the best foods in each group?
  • What are tips that are necessary to make a good decision in each food group?

Ground-breaking strategies to engage your audience:

  • Engaging activities are given for each food group.
  • There are some calorie surprises along the way.
  • Food label comparisons for significant food choices are shown.
  • Use a fun quiz at the end so they have the most important points down pat.
  • Detailed Speaker's Notes help you present your lesson with professionalism.
  • Our talented artists ensure the best design that competes with industry advertising.
  • Our rich illustrations and graphics stand out from the pack.
  • Messages are positive and easily understood.

Message integrity with research that holds nothing back:

  • Our MyPlate PPT Shows are incredible not solely because they support the message of food groups, but they emphasize the heart healthy nutrient-rich foods in each category.
  • We do not have to add processed foods to our materials because we are not supported by big industry advertising.
  • Unbiased, science-based information is always at the heart of our materials because we do not accept advertising.
  • Food and Health Communications, Inc. is a proud National Strategic Partner for MyPlate.

Valuable bonuses:

  • All PowerPoint Shows come with free handout downloads.
  • 3 ways to use the show as featured in the leader guide: Express show without activities, use a smart phone app, or use only nutrition facts label activities.
  • Update guarantee - if we update our materials you can download the update for free or purchase the physical copy for half price.


  • Number of PowerPoint slides: 80
  • BONUS: folder with all images and nutrition facts clipart images included:59 images total
  • Number of PDF handout pages with leader guide: 10
    • Shopping With MyPlate
    • Shopping Guide
    • Fooducate Guide
    • More Healthy Food Apps to Try
    • Worksheet for assessing foods - provide 4 to each participant
    • What we learned: important lessons from Fooducate
    • Leader Guide
  • Target audience: Ages 15 - 100
  • Approximate length of PowerPoint show: 30 - 40 minutes; with activities 50 minutes.
  • Get an immediate digital download right now plus a CD shipped to you plus lifetime updates to the digital file.