Fruits, Vegetables and Phytochemical Photo CD

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Product Description

Fruits, Vegetables and Phytochemical Photo CD

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • This CD brings many one-of-a-kind colorful, mouth-watering photos of fruits and vegetables. It is specially priced for one-site use. You will find over 350 quality images (in small and large format for a total of over 700 photos in all) including:
    • common fruits and vegetables
    • pictures of farmer's markets and produce stands
    • photos of fruits and vegetables from farms
    • culinary herbs
    • exotic fruits and vegetables
    • ethnic produce
    • arrangements of produce by color
    • arrangements of produce by phytochemical category
    • photos of prepared dishes using produce, including colorful salads, vegetable platters and fruit plates
  • All images are in jpeg format for use on Mac or PC. Use the small versions on websites, Word documents and PowerPoint shows. Convert the large versions to other formats for printed materials.

Download file size: 27 meg zipped file of the smaller images (larger images which are good for print come on the CD only) - use the smaller sized ones for internet, PowerPoint and small photos on handout pages.