Diet Facts for Seniors PowerPoint and Handout Program - DOWNLOAD

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Diet Facts for Seniors PowerPoint and Handout Program

When you need to look your very best now...

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • Older adults require the same fluid and nutrients (protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals) as younger people, but often in different amounts. Sometimes there is a need to increase nutrients such as calcium; vitamins D, B6, B12, A and C; protein and water. As seniors age, food and activity choices are very important to their health. Fewer total calories are often required, meaning seniors need to focus on the nutrient quality of food rather than on quantity. They have to make every calorie count!

    Here are lessons offered for caregivers, dietitians, foodservice managers and other professionals who work with seniors:

    • Food Safety - 10 Steps to a Safe Kitchen and Food Handling
    • MyPlate
    • Senior Food Facts - Nutritional Needs
    • Make Those Calories Count
    • Eating with Friends, Positive Surroundings
    • Kick up Your Heels - Physical Activity
    • Special Needs - Alzheimer's and Dementia
    • Cooking for One
    • Recipes


  • Number of slides: 23
  • Number of handout pages with leader guide: 66
  • Target audience: Ages 50+
  • Approximate length of show: 1 hour
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