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Diabetes Risk PowerPoint and Handout Set

When you need to look your very best now...

Learning objectives & benefits:

Diabetes Risk provides the most recent information from the National Institute of Health Education program with tips from Hollis Bass, MEd, RD and FHC cooking/recipe tips.

Find simple, easy to understand information about pre-diabetes and diabetes, their risk factors, symptoms, and prevention.

The simple-to-understand PowerPoint show and accompanying copy-ready handouts and leader guide provide basic information to your clients:

  • What is Diabetes?
  • Know your Glucose Numbers
  • The Three Types of Diabetes
  • Pre-Diabetes
  • Am I At Risk?
  • Risk Factors
    • Family
    • Medical
    • Lifestyle
  • Symptoms of Diabetes
  • Decreasing Your Chances of Getting Diabetes
    • Eat Healthy
    • More Fruits, Veggies, Whole Grains and Beans
    • Less Sugar, Fat and Sodium
    • Be Active
  • and more...

Add a colorful "Diabetes Risk Poster" to your classroom!

Don't re-invent the wheel - use our program with up to the minute information, be up and running right away with a wonderful format, easy to understand, catchy graphics and colors.


  • Number of slides with speaker's notes: 30+ slides
  • Number of handout pages: 4
  • Target audience: ages 15 - 100
  • Approximate length of show: 20-25 minutes
  • Get an immediate digital download right now plus lifetime updates to the digital file.