Be Fad Diet Free PowerPoint

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Be Fad Diet Free PowerPoint

When you need to look your very best now...

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • Topics include:

    • The Sad Truth - the sedentary lifestyle today coupled with the abundance of fast food, large portions, rich treats and food advertising
    • Fad Diet Facts
    • Three types of fad diets (with updated example lists)
    • Tricks and Traits of Fad Diets:
      • What Are Fad Diet Health Risks?
      • Why Do People Lose Weight on a Low-Carb Diet?
      • Why Do They Gain It Back?
    • Goals for Sustainable Weight Loss Program
    • Changes Needed - based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans
  • The Handouts are 23 pages that include leader/activity guide . Topics include:
    • Diet Facts Word Scramble
    • South Beach Diet
    • FAQs: Low Carb Diets
    • 10 Hazards of a Low-Carb Diet
    • Conquer Food Cravings
    • Weight Loss Pyramid
    • Fuel Your Engine Right
    • Understanding Calorie Density
    • Menus to Lose
    • Recipes to Lose
    • Weight Loss on the Run
    • Snacking for Weight Loss
    • Desserts and Weight Loss
    • BONUS by Jill Weisenberger, MS, RD: the truth behind all of the TV weight loss fad diets: Sensa, magic tea, HCG, gluten and more.
  • Add a colorful "Don't Waste Your Time With Fad Diet Poster" to your classroom.
  • Great for National Nutrition Month, lunch-time shows, weight loss classes and introductions and more!


  • Number of slides: 41
  • Number of handout pages with leader guide: 23 (color PDF file) PLUS bonus Word file with TV fad diet list that includes claims and facts
  • Target audience: Ages 14 - 100
  • Approximate length of show: 30-40 minutes
  • Get an immediate digital download right now plus a CD shipped to you plus lifetime updates to the digital file.

This show will save you countless hours researching all of the fad diets. We have been updating the information over a decade with the research from Communicating Food for Health newsletter, CPE courses and our dietitian editors. This is a very comprehensive show that is always up to date!