American Diet PowerPoint Presentation

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The American Diet is a reflection of the food systems that are in place today that influence the diet of Americans. 

Notes and quotes from the author, Judy Doherty, BS, PCII:

"I took a design thinking approach and made a pinup board with all of the topics from the food systems, news, and media that I have observed over the past 30 years of writing for my website and newsletter, Food and Health Communications.
My first step was to organize the topics. Then I made a mind map of all of the topics and subtopics which really make up our American Diet. It is the result of many social and economic structures."


The idea of the presentation is to bring awareness and critical thinking skills to the table. The intended audience is students, adults, and seniors, and for anyone who wants to think deeply about the sources of their food and how we can be more mindful in our thinking and our choices. 


  • PowerPoint show: 18 slides
  • Handouts exported from the show for notes: 18 pages
  • Language: English
  • Time to present: 30 minutes
  • Age of audience: 12 to adult

Learning objectives:

  1. Learn about 8 different systems that influence consumers and their eating habits today and become educated to make better choices and to communicate better as food and nutrition influencers. 
  2. The systems include: GMO, Functional Foods, Magic Bullet and Healthcare, Marketing and Ads, Fad Diets, Consumer Perception, Convenience
  3. Important statistics are presented such as what is the increase of GE seeds, how much money is spent on healthcare, what are the total dollars spent on food per household, what are the total ad dollars spent on food advertising, how is convenience impacting food choices, what influences consumer perception?

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