Sports Nutrition Basics PowerPoint and Handouts - DOWNLOAD

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Sports Nutrition Basics PowerPoint and Handouts


When you need to look your very best now...

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • Participants will learn about carbohydrates and how they are the important fuel for the body.
    • Myths that protein is needed to build muscle are discussed.
    • Hydration is emphasized.
    • Aerobic and anaerobic exercise nutrition needs are given.
    • Optimal diet for athletes overview sheet is given with examples of foods that fit the macronutrient ratios suggested.
    • Tips are presented on when and how to use sports beverages and bars.
    • Hyponatremia is defined along with tips for avoiding it.
    • Tips are also given for before, during and after performance.
  • There are two formats for the materials - one is more advanced and the other is more basic.
    • Coaches Show: This is a more advanced show for coaches and college or adult athletes. 40+ PowerPoint slides and 20 color overheads.
    • Kids Show: This is a simple, fun show for kids and lower-literate audiences. 30+ PowerPoint slides and 20 color overheads (same as coach's show).
    • Handouts: Help athletes remember the important messages, what to eat for training, what to do before an event, the importance of a high quality, high-CHO diet - presented for both coaches/adults and kids - 15 pages of handouts and leader guide.


  • Number of slides: 40+ for coaches, 30+ for kids
  • Number of handout pages with leader guide: 15
  • Target audience: Ages 8 - 100; great for kids, endurance athletes, teams, coaches and anyone who wants to learn more about fueling for training and competition for sports
  • Approximate length of show: 1 hour
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