Weight Management Brochure Feel Full with Fewer Calories 25 Brochures

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Product Description

Weight Management Brochure Feel Full with Fewer Calories 25 Brochures

Understanding calorie density is easier said than done. This brochure breaks down the keys of eating right and feeling full with fewer calories into simple and accessible lessons. The sections of this brochure include…
* What is Calorie Density?
* Calorie Density and Nutrition Facts
* Foods with Low Calorie Density
* Snack Smart: Choose Nutrients
* 3 Tips for Lowering Beverage Calories

Learning Objectives and Benefits
With this brochure, your audience will…
* Learn how to calculate calorie density
* Understand the importance of choosing calorie-light, nutrient-rich foods
* Explore ways to reduce the calories they consume in beverages and food, without feeling deprived or hungry
* Review strategies for healthful snacking
* Learn how to use Nutrition Facts labels to calculate calorie density

Groundbreaking Strategies to Engage Your Audience
* Information is presented in a variety of ways in order to appeal to the broadest range of learning styles.
* Creative and clever elements of both art and phrasing make the lessons engaging and easy to remember.
* The messages in this brochure are positive and easy to understand.

The Latest Scientific Research, Presented with Integrity
* There are no sneaky plugs for specialty products or big brands because this company is not supported by industry advertising.
* Unbiased, evidence-based information is always at the heart of these materials because we do not accept advertising or bow to pressure from outside interests.
* All materials are based on the latest scientific evidence, as supported by peer-reviewed studies.

* Target Population: General audiences, age 18 and up
* Total Number of Brochures:
* Brochure Size: 8.5" x 11"