The Nutrition Is Right Game DOWNLOAD

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Product Description

The Nutrition Is Right Game - DOWNLOAD

 When you need to look your very best now...

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • This fun up-to-date game has over 70 PowerPoint slides with speaker's notes and gorgeous pictures to show just what is in the foods they are probably eating - fast food meals, packaged toaster pastries, big sodas, frozen pizzas, boxed dinners and more.
  • Now they can SEE what is in their food - it shocked us too as we were preparing our photos! Sometimes we had to double check just to be sure there was really a whole day's supply of salt in one pickle! Or a quarter cup of sugar in a soda!!

Imagine how much time and money you save not having to buy these foods, spend all day photographing and editing and measuring and then editing into a PowerPoint show.

  • You can entertain and educate today's time-pressed consumer with this stunning show!
  • Our fun game by Hollis Bass, MEd, RD and Food and Health Communications, is targeted for a general audience.
  • Members take turns guessing how much fat, sodium and sugar is in the foods presented and they gain points for right answers. In the end everyone wins!

What you receive:

  • Includes a PowerPoint show with over 70 slides with speaker's note. Photos are guaranteed to wow everyone and have them talking and talking about your show!
  • Plus, you will receive our Best Quick Meals handout set so you can give them easy options after shocking them with the amount of fat and sodium in common convenience foods.
  • A game for nutrition education is the perfect way to increase attendance, audience interest and participation and general fun. The time goes by quickly and everyone stays engaged. While they might be busy tallying scores at the end, you and everyone wins because the audience gains critical knowledge needed to improve their health!
  • This game is the perfect answer to warm and entertain any audience


      • Number of PowerPoint slides with speaker's notes: 70
      • Number of handout pages with leader guide (PDF): 30+
      • Target audience: Ages 13 - 100
      • Approximate length of show: 30 minutes
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