The Label Says - Nutrition Facts Label Game with New Food Label and PowerPoint - DOWNLOAD

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The Label Says - Nutrition Facts Label Game

This game includes the new food label graphic, which is required to be on all packages by July of 2018. It shows both old and new labels along with advice to read the food label in a 1-2-3 format. It explains the daily value for added sugars.

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Learning objectives & benefits:

This fun game teaches the audience to check the Nutrition Facts. Now you can teach a practical real-world approach right in the classroom or intranet with this game and the modern food examples.

Over 30 foods (brand names obscured) including packaged foods, snacks, canned items, beverages, frozen foods, cereal, yogurt, and more shown with lessons that include:

  • Check the Serving Size - Package looks like one serving but is more than one serving
  • Are You Misled By the Title - Lean, Au Naturale, Organic, Energy
  • Beware of Your Own Assumptions - Turkey and chicken are not always healthy choices and some yogurts are like ice cream
  • Uh Oh - Sort of Healthy Claims Not Backed Up By The Facts - Whole Grain and Reduced Fat Can Pack Calories
  • Too Many Calories - Avoid Dietary Disasters - Look at these food labels for big packages of cookies and frozen dinners
  • Too Much Salt - canned tomatoes, rice-a-roni, frozen dinners
  • Too Much Sugar - soda, cereal, more
  • Look At Fat/Trans Fat - Trans-fat free can be high in saturated fat!

FREE BONUS: Express introductory how-to-read-a-nutrition-facts-label PowerPoint show to teach how to read the Nutrition Facts Label - use for this game or any educational event

The Label Says Game PowerPoint with over 80 slides (use just the foods you want - hide the ones you don't) with speaker's notes and game show format - the audience views the picture of the package and package claims and then sees the nutrition facts label - and they have to guess what is a caution with the product based on the label.

Add a colorful Nutrition Facts Label Poster to your classroom.

  • Leader Guide
  • Copy-ready handouts


  • Number of PowerPoint slides with speaker's notes: 100+ for 2 shows
  • Number of pages for handouts and leader guide (PDF): 5
  • Target audience: Ages 14 - 100
  • Approximate length of show: 45 minutes
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Hi Judy, The presentation went great. I can't tell you how much time this power point saved me. Thank you again for having a wonderful power point. Have a wonderful day! --Shirley M. Winslett, RD, LD, Owatonna Hospital