Sugar Test Tubes

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Product Description

Sugar Tubes Display Kit

How Much Sugar? Sugar Test Tube Set demonstrates to students and adult consumers how much sugar is really added to various foods and how added sugar contributes to overweight and obesity. Looking at these dramatic tubes will helpeveryone understand how the average American actually consumes almost 1 cup of sugar a day!

This test tube set displays the amount of sugar in the following 10 popular foods:

  1. soda pop
  2. Hershey bar
  3. Jell-O
  4. brownie
  5. chocolate chip cookie
  6. pancake syrup
  7. Pop Tart
  8. apple pie
  9. vanilla ice cream
  10. Froot Loops or Lucky Charms cereal

Amounts are showin teaspoons so consumers can get a great visual about how much sugar is added to processed food. This set comes with a brochure with information and teaching ideas. Store away from high heat or sunlight. Tubes are 4/5" in size with one tube sized about 1".

There are so many ways you can use your tubes.

  • You can display real food next to each tube.
  • Or add more beverages and have consumers measure out the sugar to go next to each one.
  • Compare an apple to apple pie or an apple pop tart for a great lesson on refined versus whole foods.

One glance at your display will get them on the right track forever.

  • The posters organize the processed foods in a realistic fashion: grains, cans, bottles, jars, frozen and restaurant food.
  • The poster that shows the low-sodium choices gives the lowest sodium foods in each food group: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, dairy and flavoring agents like lemons, vinegars and herbs.