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Sugar Scoop PPT and Handout Lesson

Two customers called us the same day to request more information on sugar and sugar substitutes for their clients. We thought that request was a great idea! There are so many new sweeteners on the market. And there are many new types of caloric sweeteners including natural, stevia, agave, monk fruit. And what about high fructose corn syrup - how do you stay away from excess use and where do you find it? Are the new non caloric sweeteners safe? We were glad they asked and we think you will be, too.


This very informative show explains the various sweeteners on the market but more importantly it gives a good overview of which ones save calories, which ones raise LDL, which ones have ill health effects and more. Here are more important points covered:


  • Explains the new USDA guidelines for added sugar versus the current consumption per capita for sugar, which are very different.
  • Did you know that 35% of all calories consumed in the American Diet are from SOFAS (solid fats and added sugars)?
  • And did you know that the annual consumption per capita in the US for sugar is over 600 calories per day?
  • Natural sugar does have calories.
  • Using sugar substitutes in baking does not lower calories significantly in many cases.
  • And many sugar-free products do not lower calories while some make a great dent in sugar consumption.
  • Who should avoid the use of non-caloric sweeteners


Speaker's notes are very comprehensive. And 3 handouts are very concise so participants leave with great information they can read and remember later on.

This show will help everyone manage their sweet tooth effectively.

This PPT and Handout Lesson will help you teach your clients:

  • Sugar and Sugar Substitutes:
    • Caloric sweeteners
      • What are they?
      • Where they come from
      • Sugar Alcohols
    • Non-caloric sweeteners
    • Sweetening blends
  • Sugar Substitute Research:
    • Safety and health effects
      • Rumors
      • Safe Applications
      • Dangers
    • Effectiveness as a calorie-control tool
      • Sugar-free is not calorie-free
      • Beverages
      • Calories in common foods (regular vs sugar-free)

Handouts include:

  • So Sweet!: A Handy Guide to Sugar and Sweetening Agents
  • Sugar-Free is not Calorie-Free!
  • Sugar Substitutes and Weight Loss


  • Number of PowerPoint slides with speaker's notes: 45
  • Number of handout pages (PDF): 3
  • Target audience: Ages 12 - 100
  • Approximate length of show: 30-40 minutes
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