Royalty Free 300 Healthy Food Photos - Digital or Print

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Royalty Free 300 Healthy Food Photos - Digital or Print


Healthy Food Photos:

It would take you several days plus over $900 worth of groceries to photograph this entire collection and then you would have to edit each photo. They would also cost thousands if you bought images and full rights from a stock photo service. And who is going to show an entire collection based around healthy foods, MyPlate serving sizes, MyPlate food groups, farmer's markets and healthy plates?

NOW you can have food groups, serving sizes. healthy plates and beautiful photos of fruits and vegetables right in your own computer to use for blogging, PowerPoint, patient education, newsletters, handouts and more. They were professionally edited for a stunning, natural apprearance that will help you communicate in a professional manner.


  • Beautiful vegetable arrangements
  • Each type of vegetable specified by fresh, dried, canned, frozen, cooked, chopped, raw, leafy greans
  • Serving sizes for each vegetable, including leafy greens, canned beans and vegetable juice
  • Visual to show how many vegetables to eat in one day
  • Visual to show low-sodium examples
  • Sequential arrangements for shows where types are added one by one


  • Beautiful fruit arrangements including heart dish
  • Each type of fruit specified by fresh, canned, frozen, dried, juice, chopped, whole, frozen, puree
  • Serving sizes for each fruit, including chopped, whole, dried and juice.
  • Heart shaped dish filled with fruit
  • Sequential arrangements for shows where types are added one by one


  • Each grain specified by wheat, rice, oats, corn, barley and other (quinoa)
  • Examples of refined versus whole (white rice/brown rice, white pasta, whole wheat pasta)
  • Serving sizes for grains: 1 cup cereal, 1 slice toast, 1/2 cup cooked oats, pasta and rice
  • Visual to show how many grains to eat in a day for women and men


  • Each type of protein specified by meat, poultry, fish, soy, dried beans and peas, nuts, seeds, egg, nut butter
  • Serving sizes for each protein including meat/poultry/seafood, nuts, nut butter, egg, soy. All items are weighed precisely
  • Visual to show how much protein to eat in a day
  • Lean protein group
  • Fatty fish examples (salmon, tuna)
  • Large fillet of salmon for omega 3 fish discussion
  • Heart-shaped dish filled with beans, nuts and seeds
  • Over 50 plates that feature healthful food
  • 3 examples of plates that are filled half way with fruits and veggies


  • 25 creative salads
  • Tossed salads, single side salads
  • Beautiful plates


  • 44 dessert images
  • Fruit desserts
  • Baked goods
  • Birthday party low cal ideas


  • 330 files, 300 dpi, jpeg, RGB, 4"X6", about 500kb to 2 meg each.
  • You can use these on a website, PowerPoint show, video, handouts and printed materials (adjust size ratio and color for printed materials - see a graphic artist for best results)
  • Value priced for one company one site. If you need a license for multiple users or sites please email or call us for a special rate.
  • Download file size: 527 meg zipped file (if you do not have high speed access you should order the CD)