Rock Your Tray - National School Lunch Program Training Video Program - Nutrition Education DOWNLOAD

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Rock Your Tray - National School Lunch Program Training Video Program - Nutrition Education Download

PowerPoint Video show for schools will help students navigate the new lunch rules with ease! The Offer Versus Serve OSV rules are shared for food groups served, which choices should be made and how to have a fruit and or veggie at lunch. PLUS rest assured, common bloopers will keep them entertained and help drive home the message. Your entire school audience will be smiling and laughing and they will totally get it! We know because this was tested with Sharon Baird, MEd, RD, MBA, and her entire Goleta School in California.


Rock Your Tray

A training program for students so they can navigate your breakfast and lunch line with ease! The kids will smile, the teachers and food servers will be thrilled, everyone will laugh and be happy and lunch will go very smoothly. We guarantee it and this has been tested on a real live school that is OSV/National School Lunch Program/MyPlate and HealthierUS Challenge compliant! Our show is compliant through 2014!

Teach Students to Navigate the Lunch Line Easily

Most school foodservice directors have worked very hard to implement the changes required for the new National School Lunch Program that is Offer Versus Serve which brings in important reimbursements for schools. Sharon Baird, RD, MEd, MBA, Food Services Director, Goleta Union School District, California, requested this show to help her students learn the rules, too, so they can navigate the breakfast line and lunch line quickly and accurately. We said yes to Sharon because we thought this was a great product for all of our customers! Sharon brought a set of challenges which we solved in the bloopers and practices sections. 

Engage, Entertain, Educate

ONE SHOW - PowerPoint with embedded video:

  • Show a video Rock Your Tray At Breakfast about with the food groups served and what is required on the tray.
  • The video also covers common tray mistakes made in a real school and offers creative tray possibilities.
  • THEN practice after the video with the rest of the PowerPoint slides and watch the kids beam as they start getting all the questions right.
  • Show a Rock Your Tray At Lunch video complete with the 5 food groups, MyPlate graphic and tray building practice.
  • Actual tray bloopers plus fun tray combos are shown.
  • Practice after the video with engaging PowerPoint slides. The variety keeps all kids entertained and educated through the whole show. 
  • The video moves fast and a real actress and chef take you quickly through the rules.
  • The kids were laughing and were totally engaged and they rememembered everything in the PowerPoint show.

It makes total sense to teach the kids how to make a better breakfast and lunch!

  • You and your staff have worked hard on their menus. 
  • Kids will appreciate the extra effort to teach them about nutrition and how to make a tray.
  • It will help all students, teachers and staff. 
  • Breakfast and lunch will be so easy and postive in your school. 

Breakfast Lessons Are Easy to Remember for the 2013 to 2014 school year:

  • 4 items from 3 food groups are presented: fruits/vegetables, grains and milk. Protein may be served, too.
  • Students pick three items and are allowed to decline one. 
  • Foods are very easy to identify.
  • Real school breakfast menu approved foods are used!

Tray Examples at Breakfast:

  • Choose 1 fruit and 1 fruit juice and that counts as two items even though it is one food group.
  • Choose 2 pieces of toast and that is 2 items.
  • Here is an entire menu what will you decline?
  • What happens if a grain that is served is a 2 ounce equivalent?
  • What fun combos can you come up with for breakfast?

The best lesson of all is that fruit is the star of the show, just like you!

Lunch Lessons:

  • Choose from 5 food groups with a special guest appearance from MyPlate: protein, grains, vegetables, fruit and milk. 
  • Add a fruit or vegetable to your tray every day. Learn that you can use 1 cup with leafy greans. 
  • Practice and fix common tray bloopers:
  • Creative trays work as long as they have a fruit or vegetable and at least 2 other groups.
  • Watch out for stingy uses of fruits and vegetables - what happens when there is only 1 slice of cucumber or 3 grapes on a tray?
  • What happens when you have 3 items but it is only 2 food groups?
  • And what about pizza? How do we make sure this food is accompanied with the right food groups?
  • PLUS a special example of Super Tray that has all 5 food groups!!


6 minute video featuring both segments: Breakfast (2.5 minutes) and Lunch (3.5 minutes)

Download with 2 PowerPoint Shows with videos: 

  • 43 slide PowerPoint show with 2 videos, beautiful food photos and speaker's notes
  • 23 slide PowerPoint show express/simple version with 2 videos, beautiful food photos and speaker's notes


2 PowerPoint/Video Files:

  • 43 slide PowerPoint show with 2 videos (breakfast and lunch), beautiful food photos and speaker's notes
  • 23 slide express/simple PowerPoint show with 2 videos (breakfast and lunch), beautiful food photos and speaker's notes

Note: the download file is over 300 meg so it is best if you have a steady high-speed connection!

Audience: parents, students, teachers, food-service staff

Language: English

Compliant: National School Lunch Program’s Offer Versus Serve (OVS) program, HealthierUS Challenge and MyPlate