Reward Chart Tearpad

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Product Description

Reward Chart for Better Health Color Handout Tearpad

Use the front side of each handout to discuss ways to improve your clients’ lifestyles and habits. There are a variety of goals that people can reach each day, so feel free to mix and match for a personalized approach.

The back side of each handout reviews the benefits of sticking to a plan and striving for better health. It also features a list of possible rewards for success, with everything from a spa day to new workout equipment as possible ways to celebrate hitting a milestone.

This tearpad’s benefits are twofold. One, it offers a variety of creative and simple steps to take to improve health, and two, it lays out a plan to track and reward achievements to keep your clients’ motivation fresh and energized. Try one today!


  • English
  • Ages 6 - 100
  • 8.5X11 - printed in color on both sides
  • 50 pages