Recipe Database 1000 Healthy Easy Recipes Download

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Recipe Database 1000 Healthy Easy Recipes Download

 Get 1000+ Chef-Tested Recipes With Nutrition Analysis

Can you imagine how much time and money it would take to purchase the ingredients, cook, design and create 1094 creative original and healthy recipes from scratch plus clean up the mess and then complete a full nutrition analysis on each one? Our estimate is that it would cost around $20,000 if you paid a chef and never mind the dietitian's time to work on the nutrient analysis!

Quality + Licensing

And sure, there are free recipe databases out there, but none compare to the quality of our hand-built database with regards to user-friendly creation, health, wellness, nutrient analysis and professionally edited instructions. Plus you get a license to use them. Most free databases cannot be resold or used for commercial purposes and there is a great risk of litigation from copyright infringement.

We are frequently asked to license our recipes for use on websites and intranets - so we thought we would make it easy for you to find and buy them in one easy download from us.

Professional Chef

These recipes have been created by a professional chef who has a passion for healthy cooking and eating. They were created and published over a period of 20 years. They have been tested many times and published in Communicating Food for Health Newsletter and in our CFFH Member-Only Area. Some are given as free samples in the free area of our site and they are featured in our blog. This is not something we whipped up quickly just to sell!

You can rest assured that they are easy to use and fun to feature - We have been in USAT Magazine, Robert Pritikin's books, Communicating Food for Health Newsletter, diabetes care sites, gym's, food manufacturer sites, grocery stores, TV shows, newspapers, and more.

USAT Paella Recipe Feature

What you get:

1) One site license to use the recipes on one website for as long as you want. (See developer's license for more recipes)

2) 429 meg zip file download with: .txt file for database map, SQL database files for: 1000+ recipes, categories, category relations, featured category recipes, featured recipe category relations, USDA nutrient database files, relations for USDA ingredients per recipe, relations table for photos, and 400+ photo images in full size and 400+ in thumb size.

Sample file here..

See recipe category and list here:

You will need a professional website developer with full knowledge of MYSQL, PHP, and database skills to implement this database on a website.

Recipes are a great way to attract traffic to your website - and here is a way for you to get a very special library of them right now! (you must indicate that recipes are copyright, re-used with permission)

The recipe database download is non-refundable once purchased.