Real Food Grows Stickers 2" - Pack of 100

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Product Description

Real Food Grows Stickers

Did you ever want to hand out a unique, healthful gift that is economical yet very appealing ? Do you want to attract traffic to a wellness booth? Or reward class attendees? Or have fun games?

These Real Food Grows stickers are perfect for every need and they are brightly-colored so they will be remembered and cherished.

  • The stickers are 2" X 2" squares.
  • They are printed on high quality 70# matte paper.
  • They are self adhesive.
  • The come loose for easy distibution.
    These stickers are colorful and they match many of our other Real Food Grows materials. Now you can have a great looking event where everything features our high-quality artistic graphics.

    They are designed by Food and Health Communications, Inc. and are one of a kind!


    Quantity: 100

    Size: 2" X 2"

    Perfect for kids, teens, adults, and seniors.