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Osteoporosis Educational Materials

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • Use this show to convince your audience that diet and exercise are important for prevention of osteoporosis. There are some factors they might not be able to control, like advanced age and hereditary risks, but there is a lot they can do at any age with diet and lifestyle to make and keep bones strong - a message that is good for young and old alike!
  • PLUS you can teach them about different dietary sources of calcium and supplements. The materials are updated with the new US Preventive Task Force recommendations for supplements and prevention of fractures, too.
  • and help today's consumer make heart healthy choices to prevent osteoporosis.


  • Use over 20 black and white copy-ready handouts including leader and activity guide for your patients.
  • They will find these handouts easy to read and understand.
  • Puzzles make learning fun and interactive for any audience.
  • Menus and recipes help clients eat more calcium, fruits and vegetables and less salt.
  • Put your message into instant action.

Kids Kit

  • Bone health (and osteoporosis prevention) starts with early intervention.
  • Use this kit to help kids realize the importance of getting all the right stuff for strong bones.
  • Coloring sheets and special recipes and kids kitchen projects make it fun.
  • Leader and activity guide included.
  • Ages 3 to teens will find this special section just for them very educational.

Free bonus

  • Diet and Osteoporosis, (7100 words with 61 references) by Dr. James J. Kenney, PhD, RD, FACN, describes the pathophysiology of ostopenia and osteoporosis, discusses the role of dietary factors which reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis, discusses the role of dietary factors which appear to speed the loss of bone mineral density and the pros and cons of various nutritional supplements. This is a comprehensive review of many studies to help you be the expert without doing a lot of searching.


    • Number of slides: 57
    • Number of handout pages with leader guide: 26
    • Target audience: Ages 12 - 100
    • Approximate length of show: 1 hour
    • Get an immediate digital download right now plus lifetime updates to the digital file.