Nutrition At A Glance Poster 18”x24” laminated nutrition poster

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Product Description

Nutrition At A Glance Poster

Everyone gets so confused about how to eat healthfully. In today's society, proper nutrition comes from following MyPlate, reading food labels, and eating the best options from each of the food groups. 

This poster shows "nutrition at a glance" in three easy steps. 

Each step has an exciting visual of food!

Step 1: Let  macronutrients put their best food forward! Think lean, high fiber, and nutrient dense!

Step 2: Get your vitamins and minerals from food! Follow MyPlate and get a varied diet with all of the food groups. 

Step 3: Learn how to read food labels so you can make the best choices that are lower in added fat, sugar, and salt (sodium). 

This poster makes a fun visual for any room or event! It is even perfect for Nutrition Month celebrations! It also makes a great classroom poster plus it can be used as a school cafeteria poster.