MyPlate Static Clings - Pack of 3

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Product Description

MyPlate Static Clings - Pack of 3

Turn any plate into MyPlate for displays and presentations. OR dress up windows, salad bar glass panels, and more.

Brighten your office or classroom windows! Improve the look of your clear glass salad bar covers with these MyPlate static cling stickers.

These MyPlate static clings are perfect for all kinds of uses:

  • cooking demo plate display
  • staff training visual aid
  • wellness fair presentation
  • classroom or office windows
  • cafeteria windows and salad bar covers

and they are brightly-colored so they will be remembered and cherished.

The 6" round MyPlate static clings come in sets of 3.

These clings are colorful and are 6 inch diameter circles that are removable. These clings use a static charge to hold firmly onto glass and windows without the use of sticky adhesives. The round shape can help symbolize a plate and it also stands for a well-rounded diet.

The cling sheets ship and store flat very well, too.

They are designed by Food and Health Communications, Inc. and are one of a kind!


Quantity: set of 3 clings

Clings stick to the top of a plate or glass cover. They also stick to an inside window.

Size: 6 inch diameter, circle shape