MyPlate On a Budget Brochure Pamphlet - Packets of 25

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MyPlate On a Budget Brochure Pamphlet - Packets of 25

MyPlate Budget Brochure is ready to help your clients find healthy foods while staying on a budget. It gives tips for each food group.

Here are just a few of the lessons learned, which are also illustrated with slick photos.
1.  Plan meals.
2.  Purchase groceries when not hungry or in a rush.
3.  Make planned-overs.
4.  Skim milk is less expensive than cheese.
5.  Make recipes that stretch protein and dry beans are a great way to lower food cost.
6.  Buy once and use over and over.
7.  Go unprocessed.
8.  Buy in season.
9.  Buy grains in bulk.                                                                                                           10.Grains and whole grains are always less expensive when they are less processed.

8.5X11 glossy brochure folded down in thirds. Comes in packs of 25. Order as many as you need!

If you need it in Spanish call us!

Each brochure is 8.5" X 11" and full color on both sides. They come 25 to a pack.