Low Sodium Success Brochure - Packets of 25 - Low Sodium Shopping List

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Product Description

Low Sodium Success Brochure - Packets of 25

Use the Lower Sodium and Win Health Brochure to guide your clients through label reading.

  • One side explains the DASH Eating Plan benefits as well as DASH Diet Daily Servings.
  • The other side teaches your clients why and how to reduce their sodium intake and lists 40 low-sodium foods.
  • This is an excellent low-sodium food list or low-sodium food shopping list. It helps individuals realize how to purchase and consume foods that are low in sodium no matter where they are shopping or eating out. 

Each brochure is 8.5" X 11" and full color on both sides. There are 25 brochures in each packet. Each brochure is folded into thirds so it makes a nice pamphlet that is easy to handout. It is easy to read and use for English speaking clients and patients!