MyPlate Education Materials Bundle

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Product Description

My Plate Education Resources and Materials

Learning Objectives and Benefits:

The MyPlate Education Materials Bundle shows your clients how they can make a healthy plate for every meal using all of the MyPlate food groups in the proper portion sizes and proportions. There is nothing more simple than using a plate for a visual for healthful eating.

MyPlate Poster (18X24 inches, laminated):

  • Tips are given on this nutrition education poster for getting proper amounts of MyPlate food groups each day.
  • Our illustrations show only healthful food choices from each group.
  • Easy-to-read tips help individuals learn how to make healthy choices for each food group.
  • Specific portions are shown so they can make a healthy plate.

MyPlate PPT & Handout Lesson on CD - introduces the new MyPlate Healthy Plate concept from the USDA along with all of the important information about the food groups and their serving sizes and definitions. Highlights include:

  • USDA Food icon history - 4 food groups, Food Guide Pyramid, MyPyramid, MyPlate
  • MYPLATE - overview
  • Food groups/plate sections - definitions, servings, recommended number of servings
  • Make MyPlate - Healthier Makeovers to save almost 5000 calories in 8 meals
  • 6 Messages from USDA and Dietary Guidelines for Americans
  • Plate Trivia - Is this a healthy plate?
  • 3 shows in one:
    • comprehensive
    • express
    • preschool-aged show

MyPlate Color Handout Tearpad - brand NEW!

  • Our 75-sheet tearpads are printed on glossy, high-quality paper with colorful images on the front and black and white information on the back of each sheet.
  • Which foods are in each group?
    • What is a fruit?
    • What is a vegetable?
    • What is a protein food?
    • What is a dairy food?
    • What are whole grain foods?
  • What is a serving size?
  • How many servings should I eat?

Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 4 - 100