Muscle Versus Fat Poster - 1 Pound Muscle Versus 1 Pound Fat

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Product Description

Muscle Versus Fat Poster - 1 Pound Muscle Versus 1 Pound Fat

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • This fun and colorful poster shows a simple yet compelling message about the benefits of regular exercise and physical activity.
  • Muscle and fat weigh the same.
  • But muscle is more dense so it takes up a less space.
  • A person with a higher body fat percentage will appear larger than a person with a lower percentage even though they weigh the same.
  • Muscle cells burn more calories than fat. The more you exercise the more you make your body into a lean calorie-burning machine.
  • When you exercise regularly you build stronger muscles even if you don't lift weights.
  • Regular exercise along with a balanced diet can help individuals gain fitness and lower their percentage of body fat.

This poster makes a great display with the muscle and fat replicas that are so popular. It can be used in place of them, too.

Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 13 - 100

This poster comes with a free handout download PDF shown in the images above.