Managing Diabetes for the Holidays - DOWNLOAD

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Product Description

Managing Diabetes for the Holidays

When you need to look your very best now...

Learning objectives and benefits:

  • Diabetes management around the holidays can be particularly daunting with a myriad of food temptations everywhere. Individuals will learn they have control over their choices; all it takes is planning.
  • The PowerPoint show explains that A1C levels rise during the holiday season and they do not subsequently go down during the summer months. Our show reminds individuals with diabetes to focus on regular eating and exercise patterns/routines.
  • Give useful tips on how to balance holiday meals, rush eating, parties and buffets so clients will have confidence during a busy time of year and they will feel that you have targeted the holiday message just to them.


  • Number of PowerPoint slides with speaker's notes: 40
  • Number of handout pages with leader guide (PDF): 6
  • Target audience: patients with diabetes
  • Approximate length of show: 30-40 minutes
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