Holiday Secrets - Healthy Holiday Printed Cookbook and Leader Guide

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Holiday Secrets - Healthy Holiday Printed Cookbook and Leader Guide

Holiday Secrets contains the most creative, healthy holiday recipes. This is not just another chef's favorite recipe book - it is meant to teach you how to make many holiday creations from appetizers to gravy to desserts no matter your kitchen skill. We promise you will have the most wonderful time making great dishes that taste great, look good, and are healthy every time.

You Receive Culinary Art Instruction

  • Over 70 recipes with presentation tips; many show the savings for healthier ingredients.
  • Each recipe includes at least 2 photos so you can see how to prepare the ingredients and the finished dish.
  • This book is written by a professional chef with over 15 years of recipe development for the award-winning Communicating Food for Health Newsletter.
  • You can rest assured that these recipes have been made over and over and they work every time.
  • Finishing tips, plating tips, and ingredient tips are shared throughout the book.

You Receive Up-To-The-Minute Nutrition and Research Tips for the Holidays

  • The introduction includes a research study that found most adults put on weight during the holiday season and don't take it off the rest of the year.
  • All recipes contain nutrition facts analysis and they are low in fat and sodium.
  • Expert articles for persons with diabetes.

Many Topics Help You Through the Entire Holiday Season and All Year

  • Healthful holiday appetizers for your party or to take with you.
  • The holiday meal: roasting a turkey, making low-fat gravy, side dishes, and turkey leftovers.
  • Holiday desserts - how to make a pie that is half the calories from everywhere else, great bread pudding, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cookies and egg nog.
  • Gifts from your kitchen - make it and save.
  • More holidays - bonus section for Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and all four patriot picnics.
  • Better still, the color photos are plentiful throughout the book and for each dish - see the finished dish for great presentation ideas
  • Use this book yourself and buy more to give as gifts.
Cookbook + CD with eBook and PPTs PLUS bonus 16-page leader guide in PDF - great for food and nutrition professionals - and the best value!
  • You receive a printed Cookbook with 114 color pages
  • PLUS you receive two 20+slide PowerPoint shows about holidays on CD - how to modify holiday recipes, how to load a healthy holiday plate.
  • PLUS you receive the Leader Guide handout file in PDF on CD that you can read, search and print from your computer
  • and you receive a bonus 16-page leader guide in PDF to help you teach the chapters as lessons


  • 70+ of the most creative, healthy holiday recipes from appetizers to desserts
  • Pictures show HOW in easy steps
  • Desserts that wow - pies, cookies, puddings
  • Look like a professional chef with presentation tips and photos
  • Holidays and weight gain - what does the research say?
  • Tips for persons with diabetes
  • Holiday Lifesaver Meals - put a healthy meal on the table in 15-20 minutes
  • Includes nutrition facts analysis for recipes - they are all low in fat and sodium
  • Buying tips for ingredients

ISBN: 978-0-9829486-2-0

8.5" X 11" 114 pages

8 chapters: Secrets, Appetizers, Holiday Meal, Turkey Leftovers, Holiday Lifesavers, Holiday Desserts, Gifts from Your Kitchen, More Holidays