Heart Bingo Game

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Heart Bingo

Updated with 2013 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Management Guidelines

Detailed Product Information:

Heart Bingo will help your clients:

  • Heart Facts - What are the important points about diet and heart disease?
  • Eating - What are the basic eating strategies to lower blood pressure and cholesterol?
  • Additions - Which foods can help lower the risk for heart disease?
  • Reductions - Which foods should be omitted or reduced?
  • Trim Fat - Which fats should be avoided?

Here are some sample questions:

Heart Bingo questions encourage the audience to participate and they promote further discussion.

What is the name of the waxy-like substance that can clog up your arteries?

Answer: Cholesterol. Cholesterol is not a fat, but is a fat-like substance made by the body and found in animal foods. If you have too much in your blood, it can collect on the walls of your arteries and other blood vessels. Cholesterol is not all bad. It has some very important functions in the body such as forming some important hormones and forming part of cell membranes, but your body makes all the cholesterol it needs.

These little vegetables are good sources of soluble fiber and can help to lower your cholesterol.

Answer: Beans, such as kidney, white, black, pinto (but not green beans). They also contain no cholesterol and are excellent sources of protein and soluble fiber as well as important vitamins and minerals. By eating beans often, instead of meat, fish and poultry, you can markedly lower your cholesterol level.

The type of fat found in this water-loving animal may have a protective effect on the heart.

Answer: Fish, especially cold-water, fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel,halibut and herring. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish help to decrease triglycerides levels and reduce the tendency of blood to clot. Studies have shown that consuming about 7 ounces of fish per week was significantly associated with decreased fatal heart attacks. Omega 3s are also found in canola oil,soybean oil and some nuts, seeds and vegetables. Refined oils are high in calories so you should use these sparingly.

You get:

  • PDF FILE with:
    • 100 print-ready color game sheets - you can have a lot of participants
    • A leader and activity guide
    • Rules for playing Heart Bingo
    • 50 questions and answers with teaching tips to play the game
    • Bonus handouts
    • FREE Bonus Quiz
    • You can play without PowerPoint using the PDF file and instructions
  • ​PowerPoint show and speaker's notes
    • Use PowerPoint to play Heart Bingo using the game sheets
    • A fun game format to make everything more visual and memorable

How can I use Heart Bingo?

  • Play Heart Bingo in classes
  • Play Heart Bingo in wellness fairs
  • Play more than one game
  • Use the quiz, handouts, and or overheads separately in other classes
  • Use the questions and answers for bulletin boards and newsletters that you create - they make great fillers, quick tips and trivia questions for your clients

This fun, creative game was created by Beth Fontenot, MS, RD. It is now updated with NCEP ATP III, Dietary Guidelines and information from MyPlate plus the new 2013 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Management Guidelines from AHA and ACC.


  • Length of Show: 1 hour
  • Target Population: Ages 12 - 100
  • Language: English
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