Healthy Diet Doesn't Come in a Pill Poster

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Product Description

Healthy Diet Doesn't Come in a Pill Poster

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • This vibrant and eye-catching 18 X 24 weight loss poster stresses how there is no miracle pill that fixes a bad diet and not enough exercise.
  • Teaches your client that a pill cannot remove the fat, saturated fat, trans fat and excessive calories ingested from poor food choices. A pill cannot add fiber, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and essential exercise. Only healthful eating and increased activity can help them reach their weight loss goals.
  • Explains how some supplements contain large doses of some nutrients and may also contain herbal concentrates without proven safety or efficacy. Time and money would be better spent on education, exercise, healthful food and lifestyle.
  • This poster can be used individually or as part of the program 12 More Lessons of Weight Management Bundle (Volume 2) by Food and Health Communications for a 3- to 12- month worksite wellness/weight management incentive program that will enable you to teach a new, timely weight management lesson/skill each month (or week). All topics support the messages given in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate. The topics chosen are designed to support today's consumers so they can make better choices in their fast-paced lifestyles.
  • It also makes a great classroom poster plus it can be used as a school cafeteria poster.

Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 15 - 100

This poster comes with a free handout download PDF shown in the images above.