Guide to Spectacular and Professional Plate Presentation Course on DVD

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Product Description

Guide to Spectacular and Professional Plate Presentation Course on DVD

Plate presentation lessons bring important culinary skills to be used for many venues including:

  1. home-cooked meals and entertaining
  2. professional blogs and websites
  3. professional cooking demos
  4. food service dining rooms for long term care, schools, casual and formal dining
  5. social media
  6. television and video
  7. classroom instruction for culinary art instructors and family and consumer science

The core of plated presentation skills and secrets taught in this class can be used for a variety of settings. It is specifically designed for dietitians, food service managers, dietary managers, home economists, and culinary art instructors so they may be more professional with their work and be admired and sought after for their services.

It brings the health professional up to speed for techniques to make attractive and modern plated presentations without spending years in a culinary school and sweating over a hot stove in a commercial kitchen.


3 hours of lectures and videos with a total of 19 videos and narrated presentations:


Lessons 1-6 - Plating Fundamentals

Lessons 7-12 - Utilizing Sauces

Lessons 13-15 - Garnishes

  1. Elements of a Plate
  2. Artistic Composition Rules
  3. Industry Examples
  4. How to Plate
  5. Effective Plated Presentation Examples
  6. Review of Plated Presentations
  7. About Sauce
  8. Thickening Sauce
  9. Tools for Sauce Painting
  10. Hot Sauces
  11. Dessert Sauces
  12. Cold Savory Sauces
  13. All About Garnishes
  14. Tools for Garnishes
  15. Easy Garnish Ideas

Lessons 16-22: PDFs on CD

  • Lesson 16: Tools for Plating and Resource List 
  • Lesson 17: Sauce Glossary 
  • Lesson 18: Sauce Shape Homework
  • Lesson 19: Plate Presentation Glossary
  • Lesson 20: Sauce Skill Development Homework 
  • Lesson 21: Book and Website List 
  • Lesson 22: Skill homework for garnishes


Poached Salmon

Plated Presentation Class


Making a more professional and attractive presentation is necessary because the public is used to photos of starred restaurant meals, magazines, social media, and the food channel! It is also necessary to make healthful food appetizing. The lessons learned here can be taught to staff members, consumers, and students.

Audience: dietitians, food service managers, chefs, dietary managers, home economists, culinary art instructors, bloggers and anyone who wants to make better plated presentations

Description: the basics of modern plated presentations to make food more attractive.

22 lessons with lectures, videos, skill building assignments, and a chef's critique of photos from dietitians and foodservice managers. Watch many lessons on DVD then use the CD and PDFs for resources, skill building, glossary, and review. 

Use the DVD on your own laptop or for a classroom.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the elements of an attractive plate presentation
  2. Learn the mistakes of plate presentations so these can be avoided
  3. Learn the basics of artistic composition so they can be employed to make every plate attractive both easily and quickly with confidence
  4. Learn skills for using sauces and how to present them
  5. Learn basic garnishes that are complementary and visually interesting and palatable for food
  6. Learn where to go to stay up to date on trends and techniques for social media and industry lists
  7. Get valuable feedback from a professional chef on your own photos

Note: this is a copy of a course that is similar to an online course Food and Health Communications except it is in DVD format and it does not contain a certificate for CPE hours.