Farmer's Market Montage Print 16"X20"

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Product Description

This beautiful Farmer's Market Montage Print 16"X20" reproduced on metallic studio paper is a stunning work of art. The images are oil painting photos from the Davis Farmer's Market in Davis, California. This print would look really great in many places including an office, cafeteria, patient rooms, classrooms, exam rooms, employee break rooms, or dining rooms. Beautiful photos inspire everyone.

Your patients, clients, and students are very busy and do not have enough time to exercise or prepare healthy food. They are also inundated with misinformation from media and advertisements. You need beautiful, motivational posters for healthy food and especially for fruits and vegetables. This beauty will brighten any wall. You can also use it for a giveaway in a contest or wellness fair.

Learning objectives & benefits for farmer's market fruit and vegetable photos: 

  • The Farmer's Market Montage 16" X 20" Print, printed on metallic paper provides a great visual to show your patients that healthful foods are beautiful and desirable.   
  • The metallic paper brings a beautiful pearl sheen to the fruit and vegetable photos. 
  • 9 different oil painting photo images from the Davis Farmer's Market: oranges, pea shoots, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, mint, apples, asparagus, spring onions
  • The armer's Market Montage 16" X 20" Print uses attractive and vibrant colors to emphasize a positive message.
  • You receive 9 oil painting images on one montage print on metallic paper in an easy-to-frame 16"X20" size.
  • You can place it on any wall. It would look beautiful framed. (frame not included)

Ground-breaking strategies to engage your audience:

  • Our talented artist ensures the best design that competes with food industry advertising.  
  • Our rich colors stand out from the pack.
  • Messages are positive and easily understood.

Held-nothing-back research and message integrity:

  • Our photos and matierials only use heart-healthy, nutrient-rich foods.
  • We do not have to add processed foods because we are not supported by big industry advertising. 
  • Unbiased, evidence-based information is always at the heart of our materials because we do not accept advertising.


  • Target population: for general audiences, ages 4 - 100
  • Size:16"X20"
  • Ready to frame or mount (not laminated).