Enjoy Your Farmer's Market Poster

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Product Description

Enjoy Your Farmer's Market Poster

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • This colorful 18 X 24 inch laminated poster shows a very happy farmer who is proud of the fruits and veggies he has to offer!
  • Includes 8 reasons why we should attend a farmer's market.
  • Colorful display sends the message supported by the Dietary Guidelines for most people to increase their intake of of fruits and vegetables.
  • Handouts include new MyPlate tips and produce safety tips plus recipe sheet.
  • Great information on sources of fiber, Vitamins A & C, Folate and Potassium help complete this package.
  • This poster is great to use in a farm-to-school or farm-to-table lesson for the HealthierUS School Challenge and SNAP-ED classes.
  • It also makes a great classroom poster plus it can be used as a school cafeteria poster.

Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 12 - 100

This poster comes with a free handout download PDF shown in the images above.